Hello World

My name is Luke, and I want to help people thrive, in whatever ways I’m able, whilst trying to enjoy the ride.

I enjoy developing ideas, organizations, and technologies that can be used to great human benefit.

In friends and colleagues I look for creators, experimenters, builders, positive-yet-critical thinkers, the driven, the playful, the curious, the adventurous, and the open-minded.

The Gist

Professionally, I’ve worked on some fun projects. I led development on industrial automation systems at Keurig, assisted research on Neural Networks at UTK, developed APIs for scientists working at National Labs, and most recently, cofounded a 3D Printing company. You can download my full resume, and view my LinkedIn profile to learn more.

In my personal time, I’ve written an in-browser 3D Music Visualizer, dabbled in virtual reality, played with editing images using Deep Learning, and contributed some small improvements to Python’s Trimesh framework for 3D mesh manipulation. My most recent pursuits have been in AI/ML (see next section).

Outside of the technosphere (though not strictly disjoint) some of my other hobbies include: reading (sci-fi, speculative fiction, history, research papers, assorted nonfiction), writing (nonfiction, poetry), spirited conversation, travel, improvisational acting, traditional theatre acting, digital music production, and playing live music.

Intelligence Studies

My primary personal pursuit is the study, emulation, and enhancement of any and all facets of intelligence, and the harnessing of such developments for human benefit. I spend most of my study time under the umbrella of Cognitive Science, which includes the following fields: AI/ML, Psychology (all, but particularly Developmental, Organizational, and Evolutionary), Neuroscience, Linguistics, Anthropology/Sociology, and Philosophy.

This fixation on intelligence stems from:

  1. a lifelong fascination with:

    1. individuals with the unique ability to excel in many domains, and the desire to possess such skills

    2. the arts, including: instrumentation, vocal performance, digital music production, computational art, optical illusion, acting (film, theatre, and especially improvisational), architecture, UX, game design, storytelling, and poetry

    3. technology, and the tendency to create inventions (however unnecessary) from a very early age

    4. different modes of thinking — including creativity, ”flow” states, foreign cultures, abnormal psychology, and altered psychology

    5. the structure and communication patterns of human organizations

  2. a recent excitement about the possible good a sufficiently advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) could perform for humankind

  3. a recent terror about the possible evil a sufficiently advanced AGI could subject humankind to (possibly to the point of extinction)

As these pursuits are currently during personal time, the artifacts produced by these efforts are not yet ready, but you can subscribe below, to be notified when they are.

Thanks for visiting :)